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Glacier International Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in market of high-end artificial solid surface and artificial stone products, integrating with design, production and installation. The factory located in Shenzhen, China. It was founded in 2004.

The main products are high-grade solid surfaces and artificial stone products, such as bar counter, reception desk, office desk, kitchen worktops, basin, bathtub, bay windows, staircases, handrails, commercial counter, check-out counter , dinner desk, lab worktops, and so on.

The factory covers about 3000 square meters, there are imported artificial stone engraving machine, large artificial stone forming machines, sheet machines, woodworking machinery, professional oven and other advanced equipments, mainly used in artificial stone shaped processing, artificial stone sphere processing , bending processing of artificial stone and artificial stone engraving.

Product innovation is our life, beside our own R & D capabilities; we cooperate with some foreign designers who can provide more foreign fashion design to meet all kinds of demand. Artificial stone is a green and safe material for construction decoration because it is non- radioactive and non-pollution, besides, it can be shaped into virtually design and use normal woodworking tools, all kinds of color available and stable chemical features, durable and hard-wearing as the stable chemical features.

Choose artificial stone, return you a safe world without radiation and pollution.

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